Thursday, 13 February 2014

Make a Real 3D Snooker Ball in Photoshop

In this tutorial, i will show you how to create a real 3D snooker ball in Photoshop. Its Easy to draw. I Hope you will get a lot of fun while drawing it. In This 3D Design the shadow and reflection are the most important elements. Once you follow the steps  your design will become Great and clear.
The Final Result of 3D Snooker ball is look like this.

1. The first step is that set the background with the color code this #bdc68d  and background look like this.

2. Combine the background with my chosen texture and set opacity to 50% as below. You can download the texture from  here
Its seems like this

3.  After combining the background, now we can going to create a snooker ball. i decided the brown color for ball as the code is – #b79e3a. Use Elliptical Marquee Tool to make a circle, then fill shape you draw  by the color through gradient tool >radial gradient as below.
4. The brown circle is comes after the color in marque tool, Now we have to set the shadow of snooker ball. Go to Select > Modify > Contract by 20 Pixel.
5. After the contact set , create a new layer. Then using the gradient tool to fill inside the black color and adjust the gradient editor setting as below:
6. Now by Using the blur tool > Gaussan Blur to the previous painted (black) colour. Set your Blur Radius = 5 pixel.
7. You have made the ball. The next step is to make reflection and shadow of the ball.

8. Move the elliptical circle inside the upper part of the snooker ball. And then fill the color in gradient > radial gradient and set the color as below.

9. Hold ctrl, then move the pointer to the ball layer thumbnail. Then elliptical circle will move back to the ball. Then press ctrl + Shift + I (Inverse) to select the rest bit of the circle. And you can delete the color out of the circle. Now its look like this.

10. Using the above-mentioned steps, make the elliptical circle and than apply the contraction to the circle and set the radius as 6 pixel. Fill the circle with white color and set Opacity into 80%. Then repeat the same steps to make more circles with 8 pixel. Then delete the color inside the small circle. Use the eraser tool to make the upper bit reflection, it should be like the curve at final.
Here you have to try the adjustment of Opacity & blur until the result reaches your satisfaction because the strength of reflection really rely on these adjustments. 
11. For the shadow at the bottom of the ball to giving it real effect , you just need to create an ellipse circle by elliptical circle tool, fill it with black color with the help of “paint bucket tool”. Apply the blur > Gaussian Blur into 6 – 8 pixel.
12. The last step is to add a white color circle shape (vector)  in the center and add the number which you wanted to add.
13. To Create the second ball  Duplicate the layers (Crtl+J), to create other ball in red.
That,s all thank you very much.


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